About Guided For You



Brand Story

Guided For You was born from my connection with my intuition, spirit and source and expanded on in my journal till it became a reality.

I had always known I was here to do something more and no matter which direction, how many deflections or industry I tried nothing seem to fit and I knew I was being called to create an energetically lead business. One that is full of soul, spirit and love.

My intuition and connection with spirit and source created Guided For You and has and will continue to grow and evolve just as I do.


Mission statement

To bring every person what they need right now in this moment by being the bridge between the physical and non physical worlds


For every person to know they are connected to something greater than themselves and know they are always supported and guided in all that they do.

So they can live their lives the way they truly choose too.

About Lori

Founder & Intuitive Hypnotherapist

Hi there, let me introduce myself.  I'm Lori.

The founder of Guided For You and your Intuitive Hypnotherapist.

I'm the bridge between the physical and non physical worlds and I serve to bring through the messages of what you need to know now. I chose this life path just as much as it chose me and I've found myself expanding and connecting my gifts over the past 10 + years so that I can bring through clear precise readings for you.

I found myself wanting to offer you more in my readings, a way for you to really let go of what you no longer need and have the long lasting change you are looking for. This is when I discovered Hypnotherapy and the incredible results that come from this modality, It only felt right to offer you a session that brings both energy and therapy together to truly releases what no longer serves you and build on what you truly want in this life.

I trust that what I offer here, will align with you at the right time.

Big love, Lori x



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