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Soul centring sessions

 Are you ready to connect with your sensual sexual goddess?

The part of you that is oozing life, oozing sensuality, oozing all the feminine flow with some sass on the side. 

She is ready to connect with you, she is ready to be given permission to flow through you, to be integrated with you and to lead your life. 

This is your gateway to a life


Full of untapped  confidence

Full of creative flow

Full of embracing all that you are

Full of satisfaction


In this session we will create a sacred space and have a gentle energetic release of any energy you no longer need. 


We will connect with your sensual sexual goddess and bring in any guidance you need right now to have her fully integrated in your body and flowing freely.


Grounding you, centring you and having you feel fucking fabulous when you leave this session and enter your life again. 

Offered via Zoom
up to 90mins - $180

Ps. If you're feeling really ready to connect in deep with your fiery woman, contact me now as I have something super special just for you


1:1 Guided session

Who it’s for: Those that are looking for guidance in their life, needing some clarity on certain areas, relationships, work, past events, past lives, past loved ones, spiritual gifts and connection with the universe.

These sessions are guided to what you need in this moment, I connect with both source energy and your energy just prior to your session and let the session flow from there, you are able to ask any questions that need further guidance during your reading.

Offered via Zoom or Phone Call

45mins - $100

Intuitive hypnotherapy

Who's it for: This is for you, you who is ready to connect deeper with these parts of yourself and create the life you truly want. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you achieve the life you truly want by connecting with your subconscious mind and rewriting your pathways for success. 


You can choose an area to work on or we can combine them depending on what your energy needs are in this moment. 

  • Self Acceptance 

  • Inner Child

  • Cord Cutting 

  • Worth and Envisioning 

  • Trust and Confidence

Each session is completely confidential and via Zoom 

Please note that one session is enough to notice subtle changes, however to  truly notice long lasting change please allow 3 - 4 sessions.

Offered via Zoom

60mins- $150



Who it’s for: Those who are looking for guidance but perhaps you’re short time, perhaps the questions you want to ask are very close to your heart and you want to hear these in your own time, perhaps you are new to readings and aren’t quite reading for a full reading.


2 Questions via email and responded via voice recording