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Intuitively Guided, through me for you.



Soul centring sessions 

Are you ready to connect with your sensual sexual goddess? 

This is for you! 

Intuitive hypnotherapy

This is for you, who is ready to connect deeper with yourself and create the life you truly want


2 Questions via email and responded via voice recording. Perfect for those seeking clarity.


This is for you, looking for guidance and clarity in your life.

To bring every person what they need right now in this moment by being the bridge between the physical and non physical worlds and releasing what no longer serves you

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Hi, I'm Lori

 Intuitive  Hypnotherapist

The founder of Guided For You and your Intuitive Hypnotherapist.

I'm the bridge between the physical and non physical worlds and...

Are you ready to book a session?

Soul Centring Sessions

60 min | $180

Via Zoom

Please send me an email and I will be in touch to complete your booking


Benefits & Outcomes

Benefits could include:

  • Feeling centred and settled

  • Feeling back in your body and more you 

  • Feeling confident and ready for what is next

  • Clarity 

  • Feeling joy and happiness

  • Rekindling your relationship with yourself 

  • Confirmation you are on the right path

  • Validation on what you already know

  • Connecting with the beliefs, emotions and actions that you want in your life – releasing the ones you don’t want.

Outcomes could include:

  • Releasing emotions that no longer serve you

  • Being able to see your next step forward

  • Being able to consciously choose your life

  • Releasing some, if not all of the weight you’ve been carrying

  • Feeling  confident to make changes

  • Re-establishing in your subconscious the beliefs, emotions and actions that you actually want and bringing them into your every day life.


"I have never met Lori in person as we only connected over social media and her reading for me just blew my mind! There was so much she shared that she couldn’t have known, in particular a connection to my Nanna who passed many years ago...right down to her name!! The reading was so insightful and gave me clarity and confirmation on a couple of areas of my fact I had goosebumps hearing the beautiful messages she was able to share. I honestly cannot recommend a reading with Lori highly enough, she not only has an incredible gift and connection to Spirit but she is a warm caring gentle soul who's energy just lights you up. Do yourself a favour and book a reading with her to experience it yourself! xx "  

—  Ali, Adelaide, Australia