Awaken the Naked Soul 

Awaken The Naked Soul is for...

  • The woman who is ready to meet herself, naked, in the raw and ready to love every single part of her body.


  • The woman who is ready to hold her shame, guilt and pain and love and nurture every part of her story, her experiences and her life. 

  • The woman who has carried so much with her and knows there’s a better way forward into her future

  • The woman who has tried other ways to “fix” herself and “remove” things from her life, only to find she is still carrying the memories, the pain, and the full body reactions to certain triggers.

Are you ready to shine and sparkle the way your life was intended, before the world told you who you needed to be and how to look and feel a certain way?


Join this uniquely sacred program and reclaim your confidence, faith and courage to be imperfectly you.

What transformation can you expect?

Every single transformation is dependent on your true desire for one, there is no cookie cutter sequence that can give you x-y-z as a result. 

Your desire for expansion, your desire for growth is what can bring you a transformation far greater than anything I can word here. 

With that in mind, the transformation opportunity for you can be absolutely life changing. 

This will change you on a cellular level, your body holds information that your mind cannot word. Energetically through moving the energy, your mind surrenders and allows peace once more. The mind and body will be in union with one another, actively working together. 

How does this translate to you?

  • You get to feel centred, grounded and confident in who you are and want you want. This shows up in your reality by creating better connections with those around you, your internal guide and your universal compass. 

  • You get to feel completely home in your own body, home in your own skin, feeling safe, secure and supported. Showing up for you by how you appreciate and nourish your body by moving it and looking after it, building and thriving in the relationship with yourself once more

  • You get to radiate an inner glow of confidence in the way you hold yourself and speak leading to better communication,  clearer perspective on your life and being able to clearly see and go after what you want. 

  • You get to see yourself as whole, no longer shadowed by what you "think, feel or have been told you should" be. Freeing yourself of "fixing" one more thing about you, instead seeing every part of you as valid, appreciated and worthy of being as you are. 

  • You get to free yourself of consistent critical thinking and judgement, no longer seeing your thoughts as your only guide and focus in life. This shows up in your life by freeing so much energy and time so you can start living the life you actually want, feeling the joy flow through you and having an unwavering  knowing that you are ok, through any moment of your life. 

Just so you know..... I'll encourage you every step of the way to know you CAN actually achieve what you dream of. 

I'll hold your energy for you to feel supported and encouraged as you learn to stand up and take the small steps forward until you can on your own. 

I know you've been lead here to read this for a reason, if one or multiple reasons above resonate with you, click JOIN NOW. 


Here's what you can expect

2 (Incredible Deep Diving) Months Together, consisting of...
5 x Sacred Soul Centring Sessions
These are 1:1 and 90 minutes each delivered via Zoom. We dive deep into your soul, into your energy and reintroduce you to the woman you've always been. Embracing and pulling closer the parts you've been running from, hiding from and trying to fix your whole life. 

Personal support throughout
That's right, I'm in your pocket the whole way through, supporting you, encouraging you and being your voice of reason as you navigate this phase of learning to love all of yourself like never before. Any questions that arise or any YESS moments you want to share, I am there with you. 

Resources and activities
Who doesn't love a good prompt to get your body moving, your energy flowing and your mind firing new pathways? This is the part that gets to be fun, that aligns what you experience in your Sacred Soul Centring Sessions with your real life, the life you live every day. These little prompts, activities, recorded hypno tracks, channelled guidance is just for you. to usher you even further on your path of living the life you truly want.. 
Best part is you get to keep these, use these as a point of reference when our time together ends and you're standing so strong and powerfully on your own. Knowing what you need to sustain yourself and your life ahead. 
Ready to apply now? CLICK HERE

If you've read this far.... your soul is curious and your intuition is whispering to you....

Are you ready to turn up the volume and listen?



I really loved the experience I had with Lori. It was calming and felt like the release I really needed at the time. I was new to Soul Centring Sessions and it felt really different to other healings I've had. Lori is kind and caring and many things she said really resonated with my situation. Thankyou Lori for being so supportive and encouraging and I'm grateful for the experience. 

Danielle, Victoria Australia.


I feel blessed for allowing Lori to read and share my soul and energy. She gave me clarity and guidance on things that have touched my heart. Lori was able to share insightful messages about my journey. She gave me guidance and reassurance allowing me to focus on my path and to trust the magic in life. 

Lori has an incredible gift, she has a beautiful and caring soul and her energy is full of light.

Danae, Victoria Australia


I truly am in awe of the work you are doing, how gifted you are and the amazing way you hold space for others and spotlight our strengths and gifts. It is refreshing, uplifting and challenges us to look at how brilliant we are instead of giving ourselves permission to play small, be small and limit ourselves. 

This is the biggest gift and why I will 100% continue our work together and why I will recommend you to those ready to receive it. 

Babe I could not be any more grateful for you! 

Emma, Victoria


Lori I am like new. I feel so calm, so present and so different especially around my kids. I can't explain the difference. I haven't yelled once. I even dropped ...... off at my mums for a sleep over and when she cried I felt for her because she was having such a lovely time with me but I also did not beat myself up over it and feel ALL the GUILT like I would have a couple days ago. Its like I could recognise her pain without it pulling me down into a pit of guilt. 

I cannot thank you enough. Ill be keeping in touch and no doubt be booking another one of these for myself in the future.

So much love and gratitude. 

Courtney, Western Australia

Hello to the wonderful and powerful woman reading this.

Yes that is you!

Let me introduce myself,

Yep that's me, sitting so athletically pleasing looking over a beach in my birthday suit! I haven't always been this way, but I definitely have remembered who I was through the process of learning to love and appreciate all of who I am. All of my experiences in this lifetime and why I came to be this way, how I've nurtured and embraced every aspect of my soul, every aspect of my life and body.


You may be wondering why I'm in the nude?


Because we ALL have this experience, we can all be nude, in our own home, in our own yard, at the beach, in a forest. Where ever we like! And yet just like the "should's, voices and noise of the world" we pile on layers and layers of clothes to hide who we are, to cover who we are, to forget the experience that shaped us into who we are today and really to forget the calling of our own soul! 


This is a pure display of stripping them down, taking them off and being so free, so natural and so at ease with where life has taken you and where your world is right now. Coming back to the voice of your own soul, your own song, coming back to the beat of your own heart, coming back and reintroducing yourself to the woman you've always been. 


So vulnerable and so authentically you.


Our stories may be different, although I know there will be elements that align, that's why you're here reading this. You hear the calling, you know you're ready. Even if your mind is unsure, know that that feeling in your body doesn't lie.


It's time to turn the volume up, it's time to embrace and nurture every aspect of yourself.


So you too, can stand nude, in the raw and know with every part of your being that you know who you are and what you want for your life.


Because you've awakened the Naked Soul within.....


How the application process works....

You are not bound to a contract or financial commitment simply by applying, this is a process that allows us to connect energetically to see we are a match. unless you are so sure in every part of your being that this is for you, if this is the case CLICK HERE.

Step 1.  Apply here

Step 2. Complete the questionnaire and tell me a little about yourself. 

Step 3. Confirmation we both are an energetic match together, the connection we have here is important as this is a sacred and special container that we work closely in together. 


Step 4. Invoice and Payment to be made or payment plan set up.


Step 5. Approved and Accepted. See you in February 2022!